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TOTAL Aerohydraulic 520

20-L pail

TOTAL Aerohydraulic 520 is a mineral oil for aviation hydraulic systems operating under high pressure conditions with low and extremely low temperatures. It has the following properties: 1) Very high viscosity index; 2) Excellent shear strength; 3) Extremely good thermal stability combined with excellent resistance to oxidation; 4) Very good anti-wear properties; 5) Anti-corrosion, anti-rust; 6) Antifoaming; 7) Very good air release; 8) Very low pour point; and 9) Very good compatibility with seals. INTERNATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS: DEF STAN 91-48/1; France MIL DCSEA 415/A; Joint Service OM-18; MIL PERF 5606-H; NATO H-520 Oil


20-L pail


PHP 14,533.00


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