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200-L drum

Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) 100LL is a low-lead gasoline intended for aircraft piston engines. It is widely used in private, commercial and military training planes. As well as, transport and crop-spr...

Jet A1

210-L drum

Jet A-1 is a kerosene-based aviation fuel that is recommended for aircrafts equipped with turbojet or turboprop engines. It is a very clean fuel with good combustion properties. INTERNATIONAL SPEC...


200-L Drum

UL 91 is an unleaded fuel that conforms to strict aviation standards. It is intended for piston engine aircrafts, Compared to Mogas, UL91 has an assured energy content with no alcohols or ethers wh...

Jet Fuel, JP-5


JP-5 is a kerosene-based jet fuel. It has a flash point of over 60 degrees Celsius. It is ideal for applications where jet fuel storage is exposed to high temperatures. Among these are ships with h...

Jet Fuel, JP-8


JP-8 is a jet fuel intended for high-altitude flights. It contains special additives such as anti-icing and corrosion inhibitors, as well as static dissipators. It is widely used in military applica...