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Who We Are

We are a company with qualified experience in the distribution of aviation fuels.  We ensure that we import only the best products for our customers.  We focus on customer satisfaction.  We act fast and deliver our products anywhere they are needed.  We adapt and innovate to provide the best customer solutions.


We are JS Union Oils and Trading, Inc.

Message from the Managing Director

In 2014, we formed JS Union Oils and Trading primarily to bring top quality aviation gasoline (AVGAS) to end-users.  Back then, the consumers in the Philippines will have to seek the product from petroleum companies.  But we wanted to make AVGAS readily available to them.


Now, we not only bring AVGAS to our customers, but also Jet A-1, unleaded aviation gasoline and aviation lubricants.  We thrive in bringing our products to customers wherever and whenever they need it.  For us, there are no boundaries. We set up our Davao Sales Office, to be close to our customers in Mindanao.    We integrated into-plane service in our offerings to provide convenience for our partners and help them manage inventory.


As we continue to grow domestically, we are also steadily expanding our global reach.  We trade petroleum products around Asia, Oceania, US territories and even, Africa.  We continue to improve and expand our product line, to be able to give you, our customers, what you need.


We wish to thank you, our valued customers, our partners, for your continued support.  Rest assured, as you grow and face new challenges, we are always there for you.


Sincerely yours,
James Park

We are TOTAL's Distributor for Aviation Lubricants

TOTAL is one of the leading suppliers of fuels and lubricants in the aviation industry.  Its high investments in R&D and close partnership with aircraft engine manufacturers enables it to produce high-technology products for optimal performance and protection of your aircrafts and equipment, at better value.


JSU partnered with TOTAL to make these products available in the Philippine market and give end-users a better choice for their lubrication needs.  Since June 2017, JSU has been marketing TOTAL lubricants in the general aviation industry with huge success.  To date, most of JSU’s clients have shifted to TOTAL lubricants with great satisfaction.


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