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TOTAL Aero DM 15W50

1-L bottle

TOTAL Aero DM 15W50 is an ashless multigrade dispersive oil for aircraft piston engines, operating under severe and very severe conditions. It is formulated with high quality base stocks which provides very high viscosity index. This allows the product to be used throughout the year in any climate.  Its very low pour point and the multigrade properties allow for the immediate lubrication, at low and very low temperatures. It also provides excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance. The new formulation offers an excellent dispersing performance which guarantees outstanding engine cleanliness. TOTAL Aero DM 15W50 already contains an anti-wear additive, the same as TEXTRON Lycoming additive LW16702. By using TOTAL Aero DM 15W50, it is not necessary to add this additive in the oil. INTERNATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS: SAE J-1899; LYCOMING SI 1014M, SI 1409C, SB 446E, SB 471B; CONTINENTAL MOTORS SIL16-2, M-0; FAA AD 08-04-03; French Air Force approved (n° 30330 STPA/MA)


1-L bottle


PHP 833.00


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