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TOTAL Aero D 120

208-L drum

Total Aero D 120 is a dispersive monograde mineral oil suitable for aircraft piston engines. It contains a dispersant additive which removes carbon deposits, sludge and resin in the engine. It creat...



We trade most petroleum and petrochemical products both locally and globally. We source our products straight from the major refineries. We can transport your requirement either by vessel or by isot...

Jet Fuel, JP-5


JP-5 is a kerosene-based jet fuel. It has a flash point of over 60 degrees Celsius. It is ideal for applications where jet fuel storage is exposed to high temperatures. Among these are ships with h...

Jet Fuel, JP-8


JP-8 is a jet fuel intended for high-altitude flights. It contains special additives such as anti-icing and corrosion inhibitors, as well as static dissipators. It is widely used in military applica...